Never Forget an Important Event.

Let Nouri remember everything for you! Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other important life events deserve more effort than a lazy text or social media post the day-of. Nouri reminds you in advance so you have time to make a meaningful connection with the people in your life.

How it works

Add Connections

Bring your people in from your contacts app, your email list, social media, add them manually, or by code if they have Nouri too.

Add Events

Add events like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new jobs, and more. Nouri will remind you in advance to reach out to your Connections and celebrate with them!

Prioritize People™

Set a contact schedule for each of your individual contacts or for full circles and never miss a connection with a close friend again.

Create Circles of your people who matter most.

Group your people into Circles and never miss a chance to make a meaningful connection, send a group message, stay up-to-date with life events, and even see a timeline of all the correspondence you've had with them.

Schedule times to get in touch and never miss out.

Setting a connection schedule in Nouri is like having a personal assistant in your pocket dedicated to keeping you connected to the relationships that matter most to you.

Upgrade to Nouri Web & connect on the next level.

Upgrade to Nouri Web for business-level features that empower you to take your relationships to new levels and unlock new opportunities.

Get Started

Nurture your relationships on the go with the Nouri Mobile App.

Building meaningful relationships doesn't happen only at your computer. The Nouri Mobile App is your tool to take on-the-go as your personal assistant that will remember everyone's name, remind you where you left off, and keep you at the top of your game when connecting with others.

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  • How is Nouri different than my contacts on my phone?

    Phone contacts are good for what they do: tell you who is contacting you. However, the people in your life are so much more than just a phone number or email address. Not only that, but your relationship with them is built on meaningful interactions that build trust and connection. Nouri focuses on giving you a view of your relationships with the people in your life, and what you can do to make them even more meaningful.

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes! Data privacy is our top priority. We do not share or sell it. We know that you are trusting us with very important information and we go to great lengths to make sure that your data is completely private.

  • What is the easiest way to upload my contact info?

    We get it, data entry is the worst. Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible. With Nouri, you can import any data you have from your phone and email contacts, CSV files and even LinkedIn. If this process seems too overwhelming, you can even hire us to import your data. Simply email [email protected] to get a quote for your particular situation.

  • How does Nouri help me to manage my Connections?

    Nouri keeps track of all the details you need to nurture your relationships such as events, contact goals and important notes so that don't have to remember on your own. Nouri remembers it all for you and reminds you proactively to reach out to your Connections. For example, Nouri will remind you that a birthday is coming up in time for you to get the perfect gift.

  • How do I share information with someone else?

    If you are sharing your profile or a Connection virtually, simply choose to share your profile or Connection and choose what communication platform you would like to share it on. Once your friend receives your message and clicks the link, they will find the your profile or the Connection you shared in their Nouri account.

  • How do I keep my information from getting out-of-date, like when I change my phone number?

    We ran into the same problem when using business cards or our contacts in our phone and wanted to solve it. Whenever you make a change to your information, Nouri will let you update everyone else with whom you have shared that information automatically, or you can choose to keep it private so that only you see it. In turn, you'll receive updates whenever your Connections make changes to their information, so you never call the wrong phone number or send something to an old address.

  • What is a Circle, and how do I use it?

    A circle is a group of people that we call Connections. We all tend to think of our different social groups as "circles" (for example, we all have a few important people in our "inner circle"). Nouri makes it easy to view and interact with your people as a group and individuals by allowing you to group them in Circles.

  • Can I use Nouri for business?

    Of course! We've built Nouri Web specifically with business-focused people in mind. Your business is heavily reliant on your relationships with other people that you need to nurture. You'll find very powerful features that you would need in business situations in Nouri Web, such as a custom emailer, mapping, communication timelines, and much more. See more about Nouri Web here.

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